Dry Hire Details

RentABar - BartenderFor clients who wish to provide their own alcohol and drinks, RentABar can supply just the bartenders and equipment. Our portable bar consists of a full set of bartending equipments such as glassware, ice coolers or any other bar-related item all available at your request. Our bartenders’ standard attire is a black long-sleeved shirt and pants. If your event requires our bartenders to be outfitted differently, kindly contact us 3 days in advance so that we can brief our team.

We charge a minimum of SGD$300.00.

Dry Hire Price List:


Booked for a minimum 4 hours
Bartender – $50 per hour (min. $200/ 4 hours)


Martini glasses = $50.00 per rack (racks of 25)
Cocktail glasses = $50.00 per rack (racks of 25)
Wine glasses = $50.00 per rack (racks of 25)
Champagne flutes = $72.00 per rack (racks of 36)
Rock glasses = $50.00 per rack (racks of 25)
Shot glasses = $25.00 per rack (racks of 25)
Jug = $3.00 per piece

Mobile Bar  (the Evolver Bar)

Mobile Bar Rental at SGD$400/event (4 hours duration).

You may also wish to contact us for our full list of bar equipment and prices.